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Many tutorials are available free of charge online.  Check out some of our favorites. Offers a wide variety of classes in addition to computer tutorials.  This listing is not the comprehensive list of tutorials available from the site. 

Apple | Computer Basics | Email Basics | Facebook | Google | Gmail | Chrome | Google Search Tips | Google Drive and Docs | Google Documents | Google Spreadsheets | Blog Basics | Internet Basics | Digital Lifestyle  | Digital Photography | Information Savvy | Internet Basics | iPad Basics | Mac OS X Mountain Lion | Microsoft Access | Microsoft Excel | Microsoft Office | Microsoft Power Point | Microsoft Word | Mouse Tutorial | Social Media | Tech Savvy Tips and Tricks

Techboomers: Learn how to use popular websites including Facebook, Netflix,, Twitter, Skype, Instagram, Gmail, Webmd, Wikipedia and more.

In Pictures: Tutorials based on pictures not words.  Covers Microsoft Office 2003 & 2007, Web Coding, and Open Office

NetLingo: Check out this site to discover the definitions and meanings of  chat and text acronyms, smileys, online jargon, and more.

Tech Support Care Package: Send video tech support to your friends and family so they can get their questions answered.

Typing Lessons Games, lessons, and tests Typing games

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