Community Room

Community Room Policy

Meeting Room and Facilities Use Policy

The Board of Trustees of the Lincoln County Public Library will make the meeting room available for use by groups for informational, educational or cultural meetings and programs when not needed for library purposes.  Library sponsored activities are given priority in scheduling use of the facilities.  Use of the library meeting room does not imply endorsement by the library staff or the Lincoln County Board of Trustees of the viewpoints presented.

  1. There is no charge for the use of the facility.
  2. Children’s groups (under age 18) may use the facility provided they are supervised by at least one (1) adult for every ten (10) children. An adult must assume responsibility for any damage to either the room or its contents.  Children have access to specified areas of the facility and restroom, but not to other areas of the library.
  3. Organizations holding meetings must assume responsibility for any damage to either the room or its contents.
  4. The facility must be left clean. Should additional cleaning be required after an event, the event sponsor will be charged the actual cost of the cleaning.  Lights must be turned off.
  5. If a meeting is held after regular library hours, other areas of the library are off limits. The library is closed.  No books or other library materials may be checked out.
  6. If audio-visual equipment is needed, arrangements need to be made in advance.
  7. No smoking or use of any type of tobacco product is permitted anywhere in the library.
  8. The name or address of the Lincoln County Public Library cannot be used as the official address or headquarters of any organization.
  9. Alcoholic beverages, malt beverages or illegal substances of any type are not allowed in the building.
  10. The library accepts no liability or responsibility for any damage to persons or property arising from use of the facility. All groups will agree to hold the Lincoln County Public Library and its Board of Trustees harmless from any loss, damage, liability, costs, and/or expense that may arise during or to be caused in any way by such use of the library facilities.
  11. A copy of the meeting room/facilities use policy shall be given to each group using the room. A representative of the group will sign the application form stating they have received a copy of the policy.
  12. The event sponsor is responsible for all table and chair arrangements including returning the room to its original state. Furniture from other rooms or areas may not be used.
  13. Groups sponsoring events are responsible for liability of the participants, both active participants and the audience, in any program on library property.
  14. Programs involving the sale of products except for those performers with pre-approval to sell sound recordings, videos, or books related to their performance are not permitted.
  15. The room may not be used for personal or family social functions.
  16. The library cannot be responsible for loss or damage to exhibits or personal property left in the library.
  17. The room may not be scheduled for regular weekly meetings.
  18. Groups will not be permitted to store items at the library without prior permission from the director.
  19. Activity and noise levels must not disrupt or disturb regular library activities.
  20. Signs, working papers or posters may not be attached to the walls or doors of the meeting room.
  21. In the event the library is closed for inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstances, the meeting room will not be available.
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