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You can checkout Laptops with WiFi from your library!

The Lincoln County Public Library has received a grant from the KY Department for Libraries & Archives to provide 10 laptops with mobile hotspots. These can be checked out for 21 days to patrons over the age of 18 with an established library card. You can wirelessly connect your devices to WiFi at home for schoolwork, job hunting, streaming, and more.

We are very excited about our Internet to Go program.  Each kit contains a laptop and hotspot for internet access that will check out to you for 3 weeks. 

Adults with a current library card in good standing will be added to the reservation list in the order we are contacted.

When a kit becomes available and is ready for check out, we will call you to set up a time to pick it up. 

When you come to pick up the kit, please allow at least 30 minutes to fill out the paperwork and go over the contents.  You will need to bring your photo ID with your current address as well as your library card.

Please note hotspots rely on a signal from cell phone towers. Hotspots may not work in all areas.

Call for more information about borrowing a laptop & hotspot or to add your name to the reserve list.

Internet to Go: Laptop & Mobile Hotspot Lending Policy

Laptop & Hotspot Lending FAQs

Q. How do I check out a laptop/hotspot?

A. To borrow these items, you must be 18 with a photo id and library card in good standing with a positive borrowing history. Individuals with a library account less than 3 months old are required to provide a deposit of $300 or place a credit card on file. Individuals that have a history of late returns, unpaid fines/fees, and damaged materials will not be permitted to borrow electronic devices.

Q. What do you accept for the deposit?

A. We will accept cash, check, or money order.  These are refunded when the device(s) are returned on time and in good condition.

Q. I don’t have an ID.

A. When you have photo identification, we will be able to issue you a library card as well as allow you to borrow a laptop/hotspot after the initial waiting period.

Q. I don’t have a way to leave a deposit (no cash, no check, no credit cards).

A. We understand this situation.  Once you have checked out at least one item each month and returned it on time and in good condition for three months, you have established a positive borrowing history and will be permitted to check out a device without a deposit.

Q.  Can I renew the laptop/hotspot (in person or over the phone)?

  1. At this time, we are unable to renew laptops and hotspots.  Patrons who wish to check out again will be placed on the reserve list or will be issued the next available device.  After 3 weeks there is routine maintenance that we need to complete before sending the device out again.

Q. Am I permitted to download or save anything on the laptop?

A. Yes, the laptops are set up to allow saving in the Thaw Space (T:) folder.  However, files saved in other folders on the laptop will be erased when the computer is restarted.

Q. Does a new Device Lending Agreement need to be signed each time I check a device out?

A. Yes, a new agreement is completed each time at check out.

Q. Can I just check out the hotspot without the laptop?  Or just the laptop without the hotspot?

A. Yes, we will mark the correct information for what is being borrowed on the Lending Agreement as well as check out the device on the library card.

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