Board Meeting

Board Meetings during the COVID-19 emergency

SB 150 went into effect on March 30th, 2020. It says “Notwithstanding KRS 61.826, a public agency may conduct any meeting, including its regular meeting, by live audio or live video teleconference during the period of the state of emergency. A public agency acting under this paragraph shall: 1. Provide public notice, under subsections (3) to (5) of KRS 61.823, that the meeting is being conducted under this paragraph by live audio or video teleconference; 2. Conduct the meeting by: a. Live video teleconference if the public agency has the technological capacity and availability to provide for live video teleconference; or b. Live audio teleconference if the public agency does not have the technological capacity or availability to provide for a live video teleconference; and 3. Provide specific information on how any member of the public or media organization can access the meeting.” All board members attending by either method would be counted as part of the quorum and be allowed to vote. If there are no local rules or bylaws that would prohibit the activity, committees of the board can meet this way as well.

Kentucky Dept. for Libraries & Archives Monthly Report – April 2020

April 13, 2020

Meeting will be held using Zoom. The public may view on the Library’s Facebook Page.