Bluegrass Rape Crisis Center of Central KY – All services create opportunities for empowerment within the agency and the broader community. Work is guided by a spirit of forward movement, openness, and shared power. We work collaboratively so that all might benefit from living in a world free of sexual violence and human trafficking. We include people of all backgrounds and cultures in this movement to make our vision a reality.

Bluegrass Domestic Violence  Program – Provide temporary shelter, support and assistance to victims of domestic violence.

DCBS for Protection and Permanency – Offer services such as: family counseling; adoption counseling and information; emergency shelter care; foster care services; working with juveniles before court; family based services ranging from intensive services to limited situational needs for maintenance of families to a family or any member thereof for the purpose of preserving, rehabilitating, recruiting or strengthening the family. Offer services to assist members of a family attain or retain the maximum self-support and personal independence.

Sanders Center – Provide short term (7-10 days) out of home placement for children and adolescents, ages 6-18, who are at risk of hospitalization or out of home placement due to a crisis situation. Services include: Individual, family and group therapy: crisis management, psychiatric consultations, structured recreational activities, on-campus nursing care (as needed), on-going psych educational support groups for parents, community collaboration, referral and follow-up, emphasis on moral and spiritual development, therapists available 24 hrs a day/7days a week

Woodlawn Children’s Campus – Provide licensed residential treatment for mildly to severely emotionally disturbed children ages 6-12 years of age. Services include: 24-hour care for mildly to severely emotionally disturbed children ages 6-12 years. Individual and family therapy, group therapy, recreational therapy, on-site schooling, psychiatric and psychological consultations, on campus nursing care, medical/dental care in local community, nutritional assessments, and emphasis on moral and spiritual development. Individualized treatment plans and a Master’s degreed therapist.