Lincoln County Student Support Services

305 Danville Ave. Stanford, KY 40484

606-365-2124 FAX: 606-365-1660

HOURS: Monday – Friday 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM

PURPOSE: To provide early head start, head start, preschool, elementary and secondary educational services to students enrolled within the Lincoln County School District. The vision of Lincoln County Schools is to empower every student with the knowledge and skills necessary to become college, career and citizenship ready by providing high quality education and enriching opportunities in every classroom every day.

SERVICES: * All elementary schools provide preschool through 5th grade classrooms

Early Childhood Center 903 Danville Ave. Stanford, KY 40484 606-365-9371/2290 FAX 606-365-9428

Crab Orchard Elementary 606-355-2331 FAX 606-355-2058

Highland Elementary 606-365-2768 FAX 606-365-1470

Hustonville Elementary 606-346-3831 FAX 606-346-2201

Stanford Elementary 606-365-2191 FAX 606-365-1533

Waynesburg Elementary 606-379-6413 FAX 606-379-0049

Lincoln County Middle School (6th grade building) 606-365-8272 FAX 606-365-8168 H. Lincoln County Middle School (7th and 8th grade building) 606-365-8400 FAX 606-365-8600 Lincoln County High School (9th through 12th grades) 606-365-9111 FAX 606-365-1750