Kentucky Offices For The Blind

Gateway Center

650 North Main St. Suite 240, Somerset, KY 42502

Phone: 606-677-4042

FAX: 606-677-4043

HOURS: Monday – Friday 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM

PURPOSE: The Department for the Blind is a specialized agency which provides vocational rehabilitation services to individuals with severe visual handicaps so they may become more independent and enter into employment.

SERVICES: The Department for the Blind may provide services needed to obtain vocational goals and enter employments, Diagnostic and Evaluation Services, Counseling, Guidance, and Vocational training, Medical surgery and therapy, Visual Devices and Assistive Technology and Independent Living Services.

ELIGIBILITY: Determined by the following: You must have a visual impairment. Your impairment must substantially handicap you in terms of gaining or maintain employment.  Independent living eligibility is the need for help with day to day care.

FEE/Charges: You are not required to pay for any services provided by the Department for the Bind.

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