Employment Resources

Adanta Human Development Services – Provide services to persons with mental retardation and developmental disabilities. Services include: Tenneco, case management, respite, leisure, early intervention, behavior management and supported employment. SCL supports.

CBS for Family Support – Promote and encourage self-sufficiency to families requiring assistance with basic support (i.e. food, clothing, etc.) by providing quality human services. Services include: Food Stamps, and medical assistance (Medicaid), medical transportation payments, state supplementation payments (SSI), qualified Medicare benefits (QMB), vendor payments for nursing home care, in-home nursing care vendor payments and Kentucky transitional assistance program (KTAP) and other supportive services, Kentucky Children’s Heath Insurance Program (KCHIP).

Child Care Assistance Program – Serve families of Lincoln County by providing support and training in all areas of child development, child care and advocacy for children. Services include: Resource and referral (R&R) for parents needing child care services in Lincoln County and support as well as training for childcare providers. Financial assistance is available for children.

Child Care Council – Serve the families of Lincoln County by providing support and training in all areas of child development, childcare, and advocacy for children. Services include: Provides referrals for families seeking childcare and determines eligibility if families to receive childcare assistance. Agency will provide technical assistance to providers of all types in establishing childcare programs. Technical assistance to new or existing providers in the areas of business, curriculum, staff or any topic requested. Will provide training for providers to meet state continuing education requirements. Resource lending library is available.

Community Education – To facilitate the process for the identification of community and student needs and assist in the development, procurement, and or identification of available resources to meet those needs.

Isaiah House – To help men who have had criminal trouble and life controlling issues such as drug and alcohol addictions, as well as other issues. Services include:  Living Free Support Group, drug, alcohol, and tobacco testing, GED training, job placement, individual counseling, transportation, meals provided, medical, 24 hour monitoring,  required church attendance, structured Bible study and prayer, individual ministry, referrals for financial assistance, and practical living skills.

KY Farm Worker Program – To help disadvantaged seasonal farm workers attain employment or educational training. Services include: Referrals, career and educational counseling, testing and job placements. On the job training and classroom training and try out employment.

KY Office for the Blind – The Department for the Blind is a specialized agency which provides vocational rehabilitation services to individuals with severe visual handicaps so they may become more independent and enter into employment. The Department for the Blind may provide services needed to obtain vocational goals and enter employments, Diagnostic and Evaluation Services, Counseling, Guidance, and Vocational training, Medical surgery and therapy, Visual Devices and Assistive Technology and Independent Living Services.

Lincoln Adult Education – Assist any adult in this county who wishes to improve their skills in reading, writing and math. Some adults may want to learn to read, others may want to earn their GED and others who have already completed high school may need to improve their basic skills. Services include: Assist migrant families and their children in dealing with problems associated with moving to a new community. Place families in touch with needed social and health services within the school and community. Assist children with difficulties related to academic performance (extended school services, summer school, etc.) Assist families with physical clothing, transportation, food, etc. Encourage parent involvement through parent meetings and if needed, can continue their education through adult and community education services in the county.