Re-opening FAQs

Is the Library open?
Please contact us for current information.

We encourage everyone to continue to utilize our curbside services whenever possible including seniors age 60+ and those higher risked individuals

Curbside pickup is available during regular hours until 30 minutes before closing.

Do I have to wear a mask when I visit?

Per the Governor and health officials, masks are required. COVID-19 Face Coverings FAQs are answer here.

We have masks available for visitors if they forgot to bring one. We also have masks for available for children.

If you have a disability that prevents you from wearing a mask, face shield, or face covering, you may utilize our curbside service.

All staff are required to wear a mask while working. The Library is following Kentucky’s Healthy at Work guidelines.

What can I expect when I visit?

While we are glad that the Library is open to the public again, service will look a bit different.

Per government guidelines, we are limited in the number of people who can be in the Library at any one time. In order to allow as many visitors access to the building as possible, we are providing quick services such as:

  • Grab and go browsing of items
  • 45 minutes of computer use
  • Quick reference assistance
  • Copy, scan and fax

Depending on the number of people visiting at any one time, there may be a wait to get into the building. Additionally, you may notice the furniture has been moved. Due to occupancy limits per governmental guidelines, during this phase of the Library’s reopening, our focus is on allowing patrons to quickly come in and complete their business. However, if you need the assistance of a chair, please ask a staff member.

Why are there limits on computers?

There are limited times on computers to provide access to as many people as possible given the fact that we have fewer computer terminals available due to social distancing guidelines.

Why can’t I stay as long as I want?

While we’d love people to stay, right now we are trying to get as many people in the building as possible. To ensure fair and reasonable access to as many Library users as possible, we’ve had to enact building occupancy limits.  This also allows the Library to best comply with social distancing guidelines put in place by the Governor.

How are you keeping items and the buildings clean?

The Library is following Kentucky’s Healthy at Work guidelines. Additionally, all items that are returned are placed in a 72-hour quarantine before being returned to the shelves. 

I turned in my items one, two or three days ago. Why are they still showing up on my account?

Once items are returned, they go into immediate quarantine for 72 hours before being checked in. After 72 hours they are checked in and made available on the shelves or for people to place on hold online. Fines are not being charged for overdue items. If you think you returned your items and they are showing up on your account five days or longer after you returned them, please contact us, (606) 365-7513.

Are there going to be Library programs again?

Yes! Due to current social distancing guidelines and space limitations regarding the number of people allowed in the building, we are unable to offer in-person programs. We are continuing to monitor state and health official guidelines and will offer in-person programming when permitted. Currently, we are offering programs online through Facebook. 

Can I use the meeting rooms?

We are unable to provide meeting room use at this time. We will continue to modify Library use as the governmental guidelines are updated

I have a lot of books to donate. Where can I take them?

If possible, please hold onto your donations at this time. We do not currently have the capacity to store donations.

Is the Summer Reading still happening?

This year’s summer reading program finished on July 31. Check in with staff for current programs being offered. We may have some programs where you track your reading. When these are offered, visit to register or log in.

What services are available via curbside?

You can:

  • -Pick up holds
  • -Get a copy
  • -Send/Receive a fax 

When do I need to return items I have?

Items checked out prior to March 17, 2020  are due back by July 6.  We will resume notices at that time.  Fines and fees will be assessed beginning August 1st

Will I be fined for overdue items?
No. Overdue fees for returned items will not be charged through July 31st.  The library board has approved amnesty on fines and fees up to $50.00

Did I lose my hold on my items while the library was closed?
No, your current holds will remain on hold. You will be notified when it is ready for pickup.

How will I be notified when my items are ready?

A library staff member will call you.

Can I get a library card online?
Yes! You can apply for a library card online . We will email a library card number to you. Physical cards will be mailed to your provided address.

What if my library card is expired?

You can contact the library during open hours to renew your card by calling 606-365-7513.  You can also contact the library through Facebook messenger, our online contact us form or use the Library Card registration form.

What if I lost my library card?

Staff can access your account using name and other pertinent details from the information you’ve provided.

If I have a question how can I ask a librarian?
We are currently answering via the contact us form, email and you can call during open hours.  In addition, we are monitoring all our social media pages on a regular basis for questions. We are here to help!

What online resources can I access?
We have many great resources available to help support our community while our physical building are closed. The library provides online access to e-books, audiobooks, magazines, homework help, genealogy databases, and more! Check out the Library’s digital resources