Staying Sharp & Prepare to Care

Stop by the library on Monday, April 22nd, 10:00 am for these two programs from AARP, presented by library staff members, Bev Madden and Rebecca Roark.

Prepare to Care: Most people understand that it’s helpful to plan for the future. But when it comes to caring for an aging relative, many families don’t have a plan until there is a problem.  In this portion of the workshop, participants will review Prepare to Care: Planning Guide for Families.  The AARP Foundation has developed a guide to help you and other family members discuss and create a caregiving plan for yourself, aging parent, other relative, close friend or neighbor.

Staying Sharp: This portion of the workshop focuses on understanding how the brain works and how we can maximize brain function and brain health, particularly in the second half of our lives. Keep your brain in top condition with insights from the “Staying Sharp” booklets, which recount the most recent advances in brain studies.