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Walking to Gatlinburg

Morgan Kinneson is both hunter and hunted.  The sharp-shooting 17-year-old from Kingdom County, Vermont, is determined to track down his brother Pilgrim, a doctor who has gone missing from the Union Army.  But first Morgan must elude a group of murderous escaped convicts in pursuit of a mysterious stone that has fallen into his possession.  Read more about this book here.

Copies of Walking to Gatlinburg by Howard Frank Mosher are available now.  Join the 4th Monday book discussion group on April 22nd at 5:00 PM to discuss this book.




American El Dorado: The Great Diamond Hoax of 1872

Join us on Tuesday, March 19th at 6:30 pm when award-winning Author Ron Elliott will speak about his new book, American El Dorado: The Great Diamond Hoax of 1872.

Long before Charles Ponzi attached his name to the word “scheme” and a hundred years before Bernie Madoff mastered the investment con, Kentuckian Phiip Arnold put together a plan which, like none before, would bilk rich (and greedy) investors using a technique entirely befitting America’s still-wild west.  Not content with simply swindling some of the country’s brightest luminaries, politicians and high-profile celebrities of the day, Arnold did so in grand style, making himself and his story the subject of nation-wide headlines.

In the years following the discovery of gold at Sutter’s Mill in 1848, which led to the California Gold Rush and Nevada’s silver Comstock Lode in 1859, the largely unexplored American West was prime territory for the next discovery of untold treasure.  So, in 1872 when news of a newly found diamond mine swept the nation, many people were eager to join in the quest for fortune.

Award winning author Ron Elliott takes the reader behind the scenes of this little known and almost-too-fantastic to be true scam, reveals how a fake diamond mine induced investors to heap a fortune on its perpetrator and describes his enviable downfall.


House of Abraham Book Discussion

Join us March 25th at 5:00 to discuss House of Abraham: Lincoln and the Todds, a family divided by war by Stepehn William Berry.  Additional copies are available to borrow now.

Book Summary:  For all the talk of the Civil War “pitting brother against brother,” there has never before been a single book that traces the story of one family ravaged by that conflict. And no family could better illustrate the personal toll the war took than Lincoln’s own. Mary Todd Lincoln was one of fourteen siblings who were split between the Confederacy and the Union. Three of her brothers fought, and two died, for the South. Several Todds — including Mary herself — bedeviled Lincoln’s administration with their scandalous behavior. Award-winning historian Stephen Berry tells their family saga with the narrative intricacy and emotional intensity of a novelist. The Todds’ struggles haunted the president and moved him to avoid tactics or rhetoric that would dehumanize or scapegoat the Confederates. Drawing on his own familial experience, Lincoln was inspired to articulate a humanistic, even charitable view of the enemy that seems surpassingly wise in our time, let alone his.